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I like my gOS tee

I like my gOS tee

I just got back to San Francisco from Taipei. Just took a picture of my gOS tee because I like it and I will be wearing it at LinuxWorld Expo 🙂


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Back in Taiwan

我的 hotel life

我的 hotel life

Dear blog,

我又回到台灣的新店了。我真的很喜歡在台灣,可是我的中文真的很 crappy.


OK that is enough trying to type in 中文 for 一天. 我門六月set up 新的 gOS office 在台北新店。 很快樂可以認識 gOS的 Fred 和 Sandra!

So tired…


Yay, this week hope to hang out with friends like Wei who is here from US with his family, and also my new and old Taiwan friends like Fred, Sandra, Miranda and Pi-Han. Also this week I was very happy and honored to meet the (Taiwan Linux) world famous Armani.


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My new blog

Had a bit of trouble with my old web host. I miss Blogger… but decided to move my little blog to WordPress because of their $10/year hosting option.

A good friend asked me to blog more, so here I am, Andrew (-:

I will attempt to blog once a day about something I think is good, and of course document my personal progress with gOS… which coincidentally is today’s good thing.

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