I am Starbucks again and again and again…

Since I discovered Starbucks at age… oh… 13-14 or so… I was instantly an addict. I used to bring my SAT, high school books to Starbucks, then my college books, now my work… I think Starbucks owns part of my life.

Right now, I am sitting in a Starbucks in Taipei, Xindian right now. Next to my table sits a guy who looks like a baby Jerry Yang. I am amused and a little bored.

Back to work…


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Back in Taiwan

我的 hotel life

我的 hotel life

Dear blog,

我又回到台灣的新店了。我真的很喜歡在台灣,可是我的中文真的很 crappy.


OK that is enough trying to type in 中文 for 一天. 我門六月set up 新的 gOS office 在台北新店。 很快樂可以認識 gOS的 Fred 和 Sandra!

So tired…


Yay, this week hope to hang out with friends like Wei who is here from US with his family, and also my new and old Taiwan friends like Fred, Sandra, Miranda and Pi-Han. Also this week I was very happy and honored to meet the (Taiwan Linux) world famous Armani.


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Taipei is cool

Taiwan has good food, pretty girls, and cool computer people 🙂

I’m here to attend Computex, see a couple old friends, make a couple new ones.

I am thinking about moving here, at least part time. Seems like it will make sense for personal and work reasons.


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You got a dream, you got to protect it.

“People tell you you can’t do something, it’s because they can’t do it. You want something, go get it!”

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My mom thinks this is cool


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Word of the moment


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What does the g stand for?

I convinced Eugene to take a gangster photo with me. I’ve been told that gOS should stand for gangsta’ OS. However, I am not sure that is such a good idea. Despite the insane launch schedule, working with Everex to launch the gPC has been a lot of fun 🙂

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